International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019


Some intellectuals, public figures and the media personalities of the group ’ Hum Sub Ek Hain’ organised a meet in the wake of man made Gujrat tragedy and appealed to the people of India to shun communal violence. Honb’ le former Prime Minister of India Mr. I.K. Gujral, Member of Parliament Mr. Amar Singh, Director of Asian Academy of Film & TV Prof. Sandeep Marwah and Veteran Journalist Aziz Burni were among those who were present on this occasion. Addressing a large gathering at the constitution club
an anguished former Prime Mister reminded that no religion sanctions violence under any pretext and forcefully pleaded for maintaining peace and brotherhood. Proposing a relief fund for those affected by mindless violence, he was the first to donate eleven hundered rupees. While requesting all present to observe silence for one minute in the memory of those had lost their precious lives in the mayhem, Prof. Sandeep Marwah become emotional and remarked that irrespective of the region to which one may belong and the faith followed, we are remarked that irrespective of the region to which one may belong and the faith followed, We are Indian first and last. He pointed out that theatre, film, television and print media personalities have always been in the forefront whenever calamity struck the nation. Describing those who indulge in mindless acts of violence as first the enemy of the nation, Mr. Amar Singh appealed to every Indian citizen to work for unity of the diverse group of people. Mr. Aziz Burni urged the people of India to build a society of Mahatma Gandhi’ s dream and and respect the basic rights of human beings. The meeting ended with a firm resolve by the ’ Hum Sub Ek Hain’ group to relentlessly work for the solidarity and communal harmony throughout the country.


Taking note of his outstanding contribution to media education and training, Indian Society For Industry & Intellectual Development had chosen Director of Asian Academy of Film & Television, Prof. Sandeep Marwah for their prestigious ’ Rashtriya Ratan Award – 2001’ , Several other industrialists and intellectuals from all parts of the country were also similarly honoured.One of the objectives of Indian Society For Industry & Intellectual Development is to support and encourage talented and spirited individuals from various walk of life. The award function was followed by a national seminar on ’ Individual Achievements and Intellectual Excellence’ .

Hon’ ble Minister of State For Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution Mr. Ashok Pradhan and Science & Technology Mr. B.S. Rawat, former Governor of UP Dr. B. Satyanarayana Reddy and former Election Commissioner of India Mr. Krishnamurtty were among other who participated in this event . The distinguished speakers generally agreed that more than anything else, people are remembered for a longtime for their service to the society and the contribution to nation building.


The Board of Directors of Asian Academy of Film & TV have been pleased to appoint Mr. S.C. Srivastava as the Resident Representative of the academy for Canada, UK and the USA with effect from December 2001. Mr. S.C. Srivastava will be pleased to provide necessary guidance and help to those residents of these countries who may be interest in availing of education and training opportunity offered by Asian Academy of Film & TV.


Extolling the film & television personalities, the well known character actor Raza Murad said that the three cornerstones of any professional work are the talent, hardwork and the fate.Conceding that only the fittest can survive in the highly competitive film & television industries , he added that perserverance does pay rich dividends. Raza Murad was addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV.

Tracing his career graph in the film industry he become quite nostalgic and fondly remembered the time he had spent working with late Raj Kapoor and the film director Hrishikesh Mukherji. In his highly inspiring address he advised the directors and actors in the making to observe the life from close quarters for portraying the characters properly. It is only when the viewers can identify themselves with the actor on the screen that the performance can be said to be believable and good. Earlier welcoming the distinguished visitor, the director of the academy Prof. Sandeep Marwah mentioned that after graduating form Film & TV Institute of India in 1971, Raza Murad had acted in more than 390 feature films including Namak Haraam and Ram Teri Ganga Mailee. Answering one of the many questions put to him, Raza Murad said that as a measure of abundant precantion he neither smokes nor chews pan. Feeling quite at home in the company of the students of the academy, Raza Murad agreed to personally conduct a workshop on verbal communication in the near future for the students of the acting and presentation course of the academy.


Making a forceful plea for an all round development of film and television industries in the northern part of Noida, the well known film director Osho Raja offered to shoot his forthcoming film within two hundred kilometer radius of Noida Film City. He was delivering convocation address to the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV. Describing the world as truly mysterious , the talented film maker said that one has to carefully select the topic for filmic expression from amongst various facets of human life and behaviour.

Welcoming Osho Raja and other distinguished guests Prof. Sandeep Marwah said that interest shown by overseas organisations to work in association with AAFT shows that this institute has indeed earned its rightful place amongst the world class film schools. Stating that according to him emotions are more powerful than words, Director of the ’ Astha TV Channel’ called upon the filmakers to try and build a sane society through their work of art . Describing mass communication products as a bitter pill, the veteran Journalist Aziz Burney advised the would be filmmakers and television presenters to sugarcoat their messages . Speaking on this occasion , the former Minister of Haryana, K.M. Hooda urged the outgoing students to make responsive and responsible films and television programmes. The work of art must have universal appeal, he added.


Phonsok – perhaps the only creative artiste from the Ladhak region with a strong will to be into the mainstream India cinema – was recently the guest of the International Film & Television Centre. Addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV, Phonsok revealed that his joining FTII Pune was an accident rather than design. Talking about his time and life in the film industry, he advised the students to be prepared to race the trials and tribulations of the working life in the industry with determination.

Describing self pity as totally uncalled for he asked the students to strongly believe in whatever they decide to do in their life. Introducing the distinguished visitor, Prof. Sandeep Marwah said that Phonsok’ s latest documentary on terrorism is indeed worthy of the national award. Emphasing the importance of formal training in performing arts, Phonsok mentioned that he is proud of having been involved in the training of the superstar Anil Kapoor. Answering questions he said that he views the subject matter of his films from the eyes of a Ladhaki. He believes in usuing local idioms to convey his message to the national and international audiences he added. Phonsok concluded his meeting with the students by inviting then to work with him after completing their training. Phonsok was accompanied by Rahul Mittra of The Times Of India Group . Dynamic and dashing Rahul Mittra advised the students to catch every opportunity presented by life and to ever remain grateful to one’ s alma-mater to succeed in life.


In a forceful and forthright address to the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV, the well known media personality and currently member of Rajya Sabha Rajeev Shukla that the sunrise film & television industries do require large number of well trained and talented professionals. He informed that the annual turn over of the Indian entertainment industry is now estimated to be around 65000 crores.

The Hon’ ble member of parliament was formally releasing two books prepared by the publications division of Asian Academy of Film & TV. One of these has been authored by Mr. Rajiv Kurup. Prof. Sandeep Marwah mentioned that the dearth of suitable literature on the techniques of filmmaking and television production had prompted him to undertake the task of preparing books and monographs on the art and craft of these performing arts. Prof. Rita Ganguly of the famous National School of Drama exhorted the students of strive for producing master pieces for feature films and television programmes. She advised them to revolutionize the Indian film and television scene through their work. The teacher of celebrities like Naseeruddin Shah, Neena Gupta and Satish Kaushik said that it is by sheer dint or hard work and total dedication that one can master these performing arts. There is no short cut to success in any field of activity including theatre, films and television, she added.


The muhurat shot of the first of twenty three short films being produced by Asian Academy of Film & Television was taken on Wednesday in an impressive ceremony held at Marwah Studios. As is well known, films and television programmes entertain, inform and educate the masses and exert a profound social influence. Films and television production calls for a wide range of crafts. The professional in this field – the actor, cameraperson, editor and director has master the tools of his craft and this knowledge in best gained by practical work. The photographic and electronic recording methods are fast converging the digital technology is now deeply embedded in today’ s film and television production.

The digital distribution and exhibition of films is only a few years away. Prof. Sandeep Marwah informed the distinguished invitees to the function that AAFT encourages and stimulates the students to sharpen skills in their chosen filed of creative work by making short films. These short films will now be shot and edited in digital format with a view to providing the students with an opportunity to do their work with the state of the art equipment and to prepare them of the cinema of the new millennium, he added. Addressing the large gathering former union minister of state for defence Prof. Sher Singh urged the film makers to try and remove the evil practices prevalent in the society, through their work. Other distinguished personalities present on this occassion included former chief secretary of UP Govt. Mr. Brijendra Sahai, serving diplomat Dr. Madhup Mohta, director of ITDC Dr. A.G. Agrawal, well know filmmaker and television producer Mr. A.S. Bedi, documentary film maker Mr. Arun Chadha, president of the cable television operators association Dr. A.K. Rastogi renowned dancers Ms. Nalini & Ms. Kamalini and astrologer Pt. Jai Prakash Lal Dhage Wale.


The hon’ ble deputy prime minister of India Mr. L.K. Advani spared his valuable time during the festival of films on environment to know about the progress made by Asian Academy of Film & TV. Apparently troubled by terrorism, insurgency and communal violence racking the country, the hon’ ble deputy prime minister advised Prof. Sandeep Marwah to motivate the students to make films on social issues while they are at the academy.

He was of the view that the society deserves responsive but responsible cinema. Mr. L.K. Advani was pleased to know that Asian Academy of Film & Television is now self reliant in almost every respect and it has made a mark as one of the best training centres in the world for short term film & television courses. The renowned film producer and director Mr. Mahesh Bhatt who had recently achored a number of episodes of the television serial Amazing Science at Marwah Studios, was also present on this occasion.


Recently addressing a large gathering at Marwah Studios, the hon’ ble Minister For Information & Broadcasting Sushma Swaraj urged the media persons to always bear in mind the extraordinary power of the print and electronic media to influence the human mind. She was fomramlly releasing a recently launched Hindi daily. The hon’ ble Minister complimented Prof. Sandeep Marwah for his service of exceptional order to the nation when she was informed that over 2400 men and women hailing from 24 nations across the globe have so far been trained at Asian Academy of Film & Television.
Sushma Swaraj & Sandeep marwah Minister For Information & Broadcasting Sushma Swaraj & Prof. Sandeep Marwah

She was pleased to know that AAFT alumni Kaushik Ghatak, director of TV serial ’ Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee’ and Sanjivini, Raj Shekhar associate, director of TV serial ’ Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ Hena & Swati, leading ladies of the feature films ’ Pyar Ki Dhun’ TV nawe reporter Anurag Tomar and TV news reader Abhay Kumar are now household names. The hon’ ble Minister was informed that Anushree Dutt cinematographer of feature films ’ Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham’ and ’ Aks’ , Mini P. Roy of the technical team of popular TV show “Kaun Banega Karorepati’ and many others are doing commendable work in the media industries. The students of the thirty-fifth session of the academy were thrilled to find in their midst large number of celebrities as the guests of honour during the celebrations for the ninth anniversary of this film school. Among these distinguished guests were the great showman of Indian film industry Boney Kapoor; Superstar Anil Kapoor; movie queen Sridevi; filmstar Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Kapoor; Farida Jalal and Amrita Singh; film director Raj Kumar Santoshi; former governors Dr. Bhism Narain Singh and Dr. B. Satyanarain Reddy, Union Ministers Ashok Pradhan; political heavyweights and members of parliament Amar Singh and Rajiv Shukla; president of AIATF MS Bitta; Mahesh Prased of Sahara TV and Madhav Kant Mishra of Ashta TV channel.