International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

6th ASMS Festival Of Short Films Hosted By GFFN 2010

“To promote our students we had designed this festival of short films six years back, this time board decided to amalgamate both the festivals at the same time which has raised the level of ASMS festival” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Director of Asian School of Media Studies.
A collection of 44 films made by the students of masters and final year of graduation in the stream of Cinema, Mass communication, Electronic Media and Multi Media submitted their films in competition and screened during the Global Film Festival Noida 2010 from 12th to 14th November.
The total 14 films were selected for final screening in the main competition which was inaugurated by a renowned film maker Kundan Shah. “I am astonished by the works done by the students of Asian School of Media Studies.” said Kundan Shah. “Everybody is not that lucky to get facilities like Marwah Studios to make their first professional project” Kundan added.
“To be part of this festival, I am feeling lucky, but to be part of this institution you have t to be blessed” said Sharbani Mukerjee the known actress from Mumbai. “Asian School of Media Studies with dual certification Degree and Diploma has left no stone unturned to make their students real professional in real environment that can be seen by looking at the standard of films” said Sangeeth Shivan, a popular film director.
Shanker Suhail a known television producer director also spoke on the occasion. The dean of ASMS R.K. Singh and festival director paid vote of thanks.

4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema in January 2011

International Film and Television Club along with Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) have decided to go ahead with the 4th International festival of Mobile Cinema at Marwah Studios in the third week of January 2010.

The purpose of this two days festival is to unleash the creative spark of the participants by using non traditional means of technology like the Cell Phone and create both motion and still imagery. The festival has slot for seminar, workshop by known film makers followed by Gala networking lunches and dinners
All the entries to be created by using a mobile phone. The entries should be original and not infringe on any copy right law. All works to be either uploaded on or the body of work can be sent on CD at the festival office at AAFT, Marwah Studios, Film City, Noida. The last date of registration is 8th-Jan-2011. The video length should be 3 minutes maximum.

The film entries received from various countries will be judged by an international jury in New Delhi and the result for the 9 winner in three categories of the Cell Phone Cinema festival will be announced later. The list of the film entries qualified for the finals, will be disclosed through the Internet.(

“We are ready for the show again, idea is to promote young talent who are keen in expressing them selves through this cheapest mode of cinema that is mobile.” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and the IFCC announcing 4th festival. There will be three categories of ‘fiction and music video’, ‘reality or new gathering’ and ‘still image’. The total prize money will be around 3000 US dollars.

Exhibition On The History Of Animation At Global Film festival

Global Film Festival Noida 2010 from 12th to 14th November highlighted many aspects of Media in these three days and the exhibitions on history of Animation was one of them prepared by Asian School of Graphics and Animation, Noida.

“The 40 different posters in series expressed so beautifully the history of animation not only attracting young students but each and every one to know more about it” said Anuranjan Jha COO of CNEB Channel while inaugurating the exhibition. “I am amazed by the deep work presented by the students of ASGA” said Ashok Masti who mesmerized the huge crowd of film and TV delegates from all over India and abroad with his magic voice.

“I am back to the film school, looking at all these work you realize how much you have to learn” said Amjed Habib the known stylist. “We probably are one of the biggest animation school in Asia, and would like to remain one, Global Film Festival has projected our facilities to much needed people” said Sandeep Marwah President of GFFN and Marwah Studios.

R.k.Singh, Festival Director paid vote of thanks and the event was followed by very interesting entertainment program and Gala dinner attended by hundreds of delegates from all over the world.

Exhibition of Pictures of Queen’s Baton Relay at Global Film Festival

erritories, 20,000 kilo meters all in 102 days and and editing 102 films for world telecast all together has become an International record of Marwah Studios” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Global Film Festival Noida 2010.

I am surprised to note the kind of work has been done by Marwah Studios with Queen’s Baton Relay Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 is remarkable” said Supran Sen Secretary General, Film Federation of India. “it is an international record which so far no film, TV company, Channel, producer, director, film association has ever done at one go” Sen added while inaugurating the exhibition.

“It is my first visit to Marwah Studios Complex, I am sure I need to come back to learn more about the activities of this centre” said Kundan Shah a renowned Director while lighting the lamp.

“The exhibition of pictures covered during the 100 days of Queen’s Baton Relay is marvelous” said Pankaj Parashar. “I would love to have exhibition of my paintings at Delhi” Parashar added. “A book can be published, especially a photo feature on Queen’s Baton relay with so much of material in hand” said Khalid Mohamed writer director.

The three representatives of Marwah Studios who contributed in achieving this World Record Abhinav Lal, Poonam Singh and Neeraj Sauda were introduced to the film delegates by the festival director R.K.Singh.

Book On Mass Communication Released At Global Film Festival

The International Film and Television Research centre made it a point to highlight its activities of publication department at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 organized by International Film And Television Club of Marwah Studios at Film City Noida from 12th to 14th November.

“It is a wonderful step to release these kind of important books at the time of film festivals so that an awareness about such books can be created for the media, film and TV persons” said Sai Paranjpye, renowned film maker while releasing the book written by 28 senior writers and assimilate by Dr.Om Gupta and Sudesh Sharma of Asian School of Media Studies.

‘It is a wise gesture of Marwah Studios to publish these kind of papers in a book form” said Khalid Mohammed the writer director of films like Zubeda, Fiza “ Amalgamation of release of Media Books and Film Festival is a reminder that education is must for film and TV business” said Pankaj Parashar renowned director from Mumai. “Addition of extra activities have made the film festival very colorful and exciting, I congratulate Sandeep Marwah and feel proud that he is part of our fraternity.” said Supran Sen Secretary General of Film Producer’s Guild and Film Federation of India.

“We are happy to note that film festival has not ignored the other aspects of medium to make it most optimum use of time” added Kuldeep Sinha Director General Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. “I am impressed by the activities of Marwah Studios and release of book is just one of them” narrated Sangeet Shivan, film director.

Dr. Om Gupta explained about the book, Vedic Ramesh commented on it and Ashok Tyagi also expressed his views. RK Singh festival Director paid vote of thanks. Sandeep Marwah presented copy of book to each one on the dice.

Sandeep Marwah Honored With ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’

Sandeep Marwah an international media personality, promoter of Noida Film City, President of Marwah Studios with World Records to his credit of producing largest number of short films and recently created another record with QBR Commonwealth Games Delhi, is the teacher and trainer to more than 9000 media persons from 80 countries of the World is honored with ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’.

The National level award constituted by the society presents this award to those who have done extra ordinary work in their field for the human upliftment, self motivators and brought country to world fame with the help of spirituality and honesty.

An award was presented to Sandeep Marwah in a grand function organized during the Global Film Festival Noida 2010 by Acharya Prabhakar Mishra President of World Religious Parliament.

Acharya Satinder secretary General WRP, Dr. Gopal Ji, Chiarperson Global Yog Alliance, M.U.Dua President All India Human Rights Association, R.K.Singh, Joy Shree Arora, Pankaj Parashar, Rittuparna Sengupta, Sharbani Mukerjee, Sangeeth Sivan, Sudhir Mishra, Ashok Tyagi, Supran Sen, Yennis Arnnis (Greece), Joan Ponces (Portugal), Zummi (Japan),Khalid Mohamed, Dr.Latika Sahani and Dr.OmGupta were present there at the festival.

Workshop By Sai Paranjpye At Global Film Festival

The renowned film maker Sai Paranjpye popularly known for her contribution to Children’s Cinema including films like The Little Tea Shop , Jadu Ka Shankh ,Begaar , Sikander , Sparsh , Chasme Buddoor , Katha , Ados Pados , Angootha Chhaap , Disha , Chooriyan , Saaz , Bhago Bhoot , Chaka Chak , Suee was invited by International Film And Television Club to have workshop with the film makers at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida
She has been National Award Winner for her film Sparsh for best Screen Play in the year 1980 and Film for social issues Choodiyan in 1993. She has also been recipient of Film Fare Awards.
Sai Paranjpye read her well prepared paper on children’s film. Talking to the Cinema audience and answering to the different questions she confessed that it is difficult today to sell children’s subject without stars and with stars it is unviable that is why she has stopped making movies. Reality is that market for Children’s films is untapped. A middle path has to be adopted.
Sandeep Marwah suggested that, “ time has come when we have to widen the horizon of so called Children’s film .It can be with children and also on the issues of children like Tare Zameen Pe, Mr India, etc which are super hit films”
Khalid Mohamed said, “No body asks for script for children’s film, it may be suitable for television and channels, and that does not serve our purpose”
R.K.Singh persuaded that film maker should not leave the opportunity which he gets from the Government in the form of finance from NFDC or CFSI.
Ashok Tyagi paid vote of thanks to the veterans and suggested animation films can be a wonderful alternative to regular films.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Forum Inaugurated At Global Film Festival

To promote the ideology and thinking of late Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru a new forum has been launched by Marwah Studios from the stage of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 on the third and final day of the festival which happens to be the birth anniversary of Nehru and also been called as Children’s Day in India.
“I am lucky enough to be part of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Forum on this auspicious occasion today on the Children’s Day and final day of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 when the focus is only Children” said Jainandu Chairman of State Khadi and Village Industries Board, Jharkhand while launching the first poster of the organization.
“All this reminds me my days in school when we used to celebrate Children’s Day” said Pankaj Parashar film director. “I am impressed by the activities at Marwah Studios” said Amjhed Habib a renowned Stylist. “I would love to do anything for this organization which has given so much to the society” added Ashok Masti a well known singer of the country.
“We will see to it that all social activities from Marwah Studios must be highlighted as every gesture of Sandeep Marwah is different” said Anuranjan Jha, C.O.O. of CNEB Channel. “I have never seen so many activities in any film festival in Europe” said Joao Ponces De Carvalho film maker from Portugal. “India is proud of Sandeep Marwah as he has brought India to World Record” said Mateen Ahmed M.L.A. Govt. of Delhi.
“The contribution of Sandeep Marwah in the field of Film and Television including production, education, film city, studios, research, festivals, social organizations, radio Noida etc has made him one and the only one in whole of India. The film and television industry salutes him for his untiring efforts” said T.P.Agarwal President Indian Motion Picture and Television Producers Association (IMPTPA), the oldest body of the country in entertainment Industry congratulating the whole team for presenting great festival to the nation.

Shakespeare Society Formally Launched At Global Film Festival

Newly framed voluntary organization to highlight literature and drama at Marwah Studios, Shakespeare Society has been formally launched from the platform of 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 on the closing of second day of the festival.

Hundreds of film, television and media persons appreciated the gesture of establishing this forum. “We feel that the standard of the film and television production and writing for the same can only be raised with the rise of level of literature, Indian as well as foreign. My visit to Statford-Upon-Avon induced me to start Shakespeare Society” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and GFFN.

The poster release ceremony was conducted by Dr.Ravindran Kurup the writer of many Shakespeare Books, Sarina Joshi, head of Literature in Delhi University who has been researching and writing on Shakespeare from last 20 years, accompanied by Pankaj Parashar, Supran Sen, Joan Ponces De Carvalho, Kuldeep Sinha who all spoke on the subject.

“The launching of Shakespeare Society in this campus on this International platform of GFFN shows the seriousness of the organizers in education, film making and society” said Sarina Joshi.“I am ready to contribute to any extent as far as Shakespeare ideology and writing work is concerned” said Dr Kurup.

The event was followed by a musical recital by Pankaj Parashar, a entertainment package by the students of Asian Academy of Film And Television, Asian School of Media Studies and Asian Business School and a gala dinner.

Asian News Journal Released At Global Film Festival

The Writing and Print Department of Marwah Studios which is also associated with International Film And Television Research Centre contributed a lot to the 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 held at Film City from 12th to 14th November.
In addition to daily news paper, a news letter, publication of number of books, Batch a portal, a news agency, Sandeep Marwah promoted Asian News Journal to highlight the activities of writing and print department of International Film And Television Research Centre during Global Film Festival.
“What a collection of write ups that is too written by media students, it is commendable the way institute is promoting the students of AAFT, ASMS and ABS” said Sai Paranjape a renowned film maker and former Chairperson of Children’s Film Society of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
“We are feeling proud to be associated with Marwah Studios and its allied associations who all have attained world recognitions” said Dr Department of. Science and Technology
The literature of the country can only survive when you write and put them into print. The opinion of the people can only be change when you write” said Khali Mohmed Screen play writer and film Director
“What more can be done to promote writers when you are giving them such a wonderful platform to get published” said Joao Ponces De Carvalho film maker from Portugal. The festival Director R.K.Singh paid vote of thanks to the dignities and large audience participated in the event.