International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

Painting Exhibition Of Tapan Dash Inaugurated At 4th Global Film Festival

“Art and films have a direct combination, they cannot be separated from each other’ said GVG Krishnamurthy former Election Commissioner, Government of India while inaugurating the art exhibition of renowned national artist Tapan Dash on the first day of 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011.
“He who knows the art and the color combinations, he has better aesthetic sense has to be a better film maker” said Singeetham Srinivasa Rao renowned director of South Indian Films also known for his super hit film Pushpak. “All fine arts are the part of our institutions to develop students broadly “said Satish Anand dean Asian Academy Of Arts.
“I am impressed by the stature and quality of education at this campus which is no less than IMMs and IITs of the country” said Aggarwal an educationist. “It seems that the film festival has been given a 360 touch by promoting all fine arts in these three days” said K.Hariharan a film director and educator.
Introducing national artist and recipient of many awards Tapan Dash, the Festival President Sandeep Marwah said, “We are conscious in selecting our artist while putting up the exhibition. Tapan’s work is not only appealing but different from rest of the World.”
Others present on the occasion were well known actor director Tinu Anand, film producer Sham Sunder and renowned artist Jiten Hazarika.

Corporatisation of Bollywood Films Discussed At 4th GFFN 2011

Fourth Global Film Festival, Noida 2011 threw a new light on the burning issue of Corporatization of Bollywood films. Film makers, experts and academia discussed threadbare various dimensions of this crucial subject.
Renowned filmmaker from South K.Hariharan was of the opinion that filmmaking needs to be disciplined and regulated as against the freewheeling attitude that resulted in a chaotic situation. But singer and actor Arun Bakshi said the private companies had no business to be there.
Renowned Director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao and Pankaj Parashar also contributed to the total discussion on both advantages and disadvantages of the same.
The moot point was that creativity of the filmmaker shouldn’t be compromised under any circumstances. Festival President Sandeep Marwah came up with a reconciliatory note that keeping the creative freedom intact, some kind of accountability mechanism need to be evolved.

Thrilling performance by Arun Bakshi At 4th GFFN

Noted crooner of Bollywood Arun Bakshi paid rich tribute to the pink winter season by a stunning performance in front of a mesmerized audience who danced to his tune for an hour on the second day of 4th Global Film Festival Noida, 2011.
Bakshi was here at one moment on the stage, there in the next and everywhere in the third. He coaxed, cajoled and created an ambience of celebration in tune with the mood of the Global. Rarely before such a euphoria was seen on the sprawling lawns of Marwah Studios when this popular star of Hindi films made delegates and students let their hair down and paint the air around them red.
Media students felt for the first time that a gifted trained was drawing them out from their shell and they responded. It was a culmination of the charged feelings that had been mounting for a long time.

Magnificent Opening Of 4th Global Film Festival At Noida

‘The passion and zeal of cinema has brought this festival to Noida, I am feeling important to be part of this great chronological and historical event” said Tinu Anand Actor Director of many films and popularly known as director of Amitabh Bachchan Films, on the opening function of 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011.
“India is largest film producing country in this World and festivals like this are the real cohorts and supporters to the industry. I am sure fourth edition of Global Film Festival bring real unity and harmony to the nation” said GVG Krishanmurthy former Election Commissioner, Government Of India,
Introducing International Film And Television Club to large audience consisting of film, television and media persons present on the inauguration of Global Film Festival, Sandeep Marwah President of the festival said, “We are trying our best in our own capacity to bring people together from all parts of the World to believe that Cinema is the most popular religion of the World” He informed “with this 4th edition the reach of the festival has gone to 84 countries of the World”.
Renowned painter Jiten Hazarika, and Russian Artist Valentina also spoke on the occasion. The festival Director R.K.Singh announced the series of programs attached to the festival of 300 films. The festival venue was decorated, was quite inviting and was creating an energetic environment.

Global festival pays tribute to French cinema

Fourth Global Film Festival Noida 2011 paid a rich tribute by launching its screenings at Marwah Studios with the celebrated film ‘FLANDERS’ by Dumont Bruno. Made in 2006, the film is about the reality of First World War shattering the illusions of people and transforming them into thuggish gun-trotting monsters.
Speaking on this occasion Festival President Sandeep Marwah placed the festival in the global context by recollecting its history and the role it has played in the world of cinema. He reiterated the fact that this is the only global festival showcasing best of international films for the cinema delegates, lovers and students so that they could learn skills, culture and the craft.
Film Maker and Prof. Peter Wobser of University of Central Lankashire, U.K. who specially flew down to be present on the occasion said being a part of the Marwah family he was excited to be here and looking forward to have some good time and films.
The chief guest Dinesh Misra, President of Indian Society of Authors, said watching a good film makes the audience richer, better and more humane.

Sandeep Marwah Presents 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011

Five times World Record holder Sandeep Marwah Chairperson of IFTC International Film And Television Club, President Of Marwah Studios –a creative enterprises, Media Guru and teacher to around 10,000 media professionals, founder of Noida Film City and Chief of many national and international bodies presents 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011.
—Global film fest- a perspective
International Film and Television Club (IFTC) in a joint venture with Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Film Federation of India will organize the 4th Global Film Festival at the Marwah Studios from November 25th to 27th.
The three day film fest will encompass different segments like World Cinema, Indian cinema, Films on focus-Country Wales, Documentary films, Children’s films, Competitive section. In addition, films made by the Asian Academy of Films and Television (AAFT) and Asian School of Media Studies (ASMS) will be screened. Other films include films on disability and related issues, with a retrospective on the famous French Director Jean Rouch.
Films under `World Cinema’ will include `Flanders’ ( France) by Bruno Dumont, `Blackboards’ by Samira Makhmalbaf from Iran, `IP man’ by Wilson Yip from Hong Kong, `Night and day’ by Hong Kong Soo from South Korea, `Les Invasions’ by Barbares from Canada and `Microphone’ by Ahmad Abdalla from Egypt. Indian films `Pushpak’ by Srinivasan Sangeetam, `Main Azaad Hoon’ by Tinu Anand and `Banaras’ by Pankaj Parashar will be shown.
International Film and Television Club or IFTC was instituted by the Asian Society for Film and Television to promote media and entertainment education and to strengthen its conceptualization, innovation and implementation. Ever since its inception, national and international events have been part of its activities. The 4th Global festival has emerged as its annual flagship showcase.
The international film fest stands distinct with its special focus on the culture of Wales. Five movies from Britain will highlight the unique age old civilisation and its supreme culture. Distinguished films like `Brides of the war’ by Peter Edwards, `Hedd Wyn’ by Paul Turner, `Eldva’ by Timlyn, `Little White Lies’ by Caradog James and `Gaenor’ by Paul Morrison will entertain viewers.
Hailing from different cultural and traditional background, a veracity of national and international films will be screened at the film fiesta. The fest provides a common platform which is nothing less than a congregation of different faiths and beliefs. This strongly endorses the message that `cinema is the ultimate religion of the world, unifying all faiths.’
One of the major attractions at the film arena is the inclusion of 14 outstanding documentaries by the Films Division of India. This will serve as a learning experience for the media students at the Marwah Studios who will get due exposure in the centenary old art form of mass communication’. These include `Indira Priydarshini’ by Yash Chaudhary, `CRPF’ by Mahmood Qureshi, `Exploration Antarctica’ by Deepak haldankar, `Man in Search for Man’ by Prem vaidya, `Chitrakaar ki Nazar se’ by Hussain, `Ananta’ by Girish vaidya, `Radha and Krishna’ by J.S.Bhownagary, `Hill Agriculture New Vista’ by Akhilesh Goorha, `Through the Lens’ by Starkey and `Toote Pankh’ by Kuldeep Sinha, `Story of Delhi’ by Serbjeet Singh, `High Adventure on White Water’ by C.L. Kaul, `Khajuraho’ by Mohan Wadhwaney and `Encounter with Faces’ by Vinod Chopra.
Children’s films have always been featured at the Global Film Festival, needless to mention that it was a stupendous success last year. This year some good movies have been shortlisted by the Children’s Film Society of India and the International Children Film Forum. Films include `Lukka Chuppi’ by Vinod Ganatra, `Yeh Hai Chakkad Bakkad Bambe Bo’ by Sridhar Rangayan, `Chhota Sipahi’ by Jayashree Kand, `Chutkan ki Mahabharat’ by Sankalp Meshram, `Gilli Gilli Atta’ by Pankaj Parashar, `Lagi Shirt’ by Raghubir, `Nandu ka Raja’ by Shaleen Sehgal, `Radio Comes to Rampur’ by Asha Dutta and `Uranchchoo’.
Students from more than 100 schools in Noida and NCR have been invited and even allotted special time slots to participate in the special activities and screenings at the fest.
Another major focus is on the half a dozen films made by famous French Film Director Jean Rouch. Heralded as one of the founders of cinéma vérité in France, his work has many resemblances to direct cinema. His life as a filmmaker spanning over sixty decades in Africa, was manifest with visual anthropology. Influenced by his discovery of surrealism in his early twenties, many films border on the line between fiction and documentary, to create a new style of ethno fiction. His film `Me a Black’ (Moi un Noir) later initiated him into the technique of jump cut popularized by Jean-Luc Godard, is slated for screening at the fest. Other films include `Little by Little’, `Hunting the Lion with Bow and Arrow’, `The Mad Masters’, `Chronicles of Summer’ and `Mosso Mosso’, a tribute to the great legend by Jean Andre Fieschi.
Besides a stream of films to entertain visitors, three workshops will also be held with topics ranging from `Towards Digital Cine’ by K. Hariharan, `From Print to Electronic: Transition in Creativity’ by Santosh Bhartiya and Delhi and `Future of Bollywood’ by Ashok Tyagi. In addition, three seminars will be organized on three consecutive days to provide a platform for film critics and experts from various universities to know about films.
The first seminar will begin with `Corporatisation and Cinema’ as corporatisation is the new buzz in Bollywood. On one level, it has brought about the much needed moolah for filmmakers but on the other snatched away their creative freedom. These two theories will be a topic of discussion by a panel of Sumit Singhal from NDTV and Sudhir Tandon, former DDG of Doordarshan.
Next in succession will be a seminar on the age old relationship between cinema and literature. Indian writers have not made a mark but lyricists have done a commendable job in the world of Hindi films be it Sahir, Gulzar, Jaan Nisar Akhtar with their creative instincts and aesthetic sense. The panelists include Pratap Sahgal and Divik Ramnesh. The last day will witness the most relevant topic `Curse of piracy’ which affects films to a large extent. The panel will include Rajendra Sehgal and Anil Thakur.
As an initiative to promote young budding authors the Asian Art Academy will release five books during the occasion. To spice the event further, talks by eminent speakers from the All India Human Rights Association, World Religious Parliament and Global Yoga Alliance are on the anvil. Last but not the least, three art exhibitions by Tapan Das besides a posters display by the Asian School of Performing Arts along with a series of photos to adorn the venue.
GFFN Noida unfurled its door to connoisseurs’ of films five years ago. The first film fest was on `Peace and Spirituality’ while the second was on `Genre of documentaries’ and the third `Children’s films’. The third festival screened about 227 films from all over the world with more than 5000 footfalls. Critics, movie fans and the media have widely acclaimed the Global Film Festival as one of the most pertinent film festivals in north India. The fest has spread the message of love and unity through cinema and provides an opportunity for filmmakers, media students and professionals to share information about films.

Asian Academy of Arts supports 4th Global Film Festival

Asian Academy of Arts (AAA) has announced to launch of its three new books to be launched in the 3-day 4th Global Film Festival, Noida 2011 from 25th November 2011.
“The AAA was launched to promote various art forms like books, dance, drama, music, sculpture, films and paintings through fusion and presentation at various forums of Marwah Studios” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.
For the Global festival they have launched ‘Jatak Kavya mala’, ‘Samaj aur Sanskriti’ and ‘Meri Mauritius Yatra’. These books have been launched as a tripartite scheme to promote and project new authors and quality manuscripts.
Jatak Kavya mala is the poetic version of the stories related to Buddha’s life By Prof Lallan Prasad. Meri Mauritius Yatra is a travelogue by Pawan Kumar Singh and Samaj aur Sanskriti is an anthology by renowned Indologist Bhanupratrap Shukla. These books will be launched at three seminars to be held during the festival.
Thus it will create a fusion of books, intellectual dialogue in a film festival.

High Profiled Workshops By IPBF At 4th Global Film Festival

International Public Broadcasting Forum will be lending a creative hand by organising three workshops during the Fourth Global Film Festival, Noida 2011 being held at Marwah Studios from 25th to 27th November.
The IPBF has been created to create a fusion in different media and art forms. Through these workshops, it will try to bring digital cinema, print media,electronic media and explore the possibility of converting Delhi as the next destination of Bollywood filmmakers.
These workshops will be conducted by Hariharan on ‘ Towards Digital Cinema’, on ‘ Print Media to Electronic media by celebrated print editor and former union minister Santosh Bhartiya and by celebrated filmmaker-turned film academician Ashok Tyagi on Delhi, as the Future for Bollywood films.
These workshops will expose and involve the Marwah Studios students in the current trends of cinema and hone their skills to attain perfection in the subjects of thier choices.

Global Film Festival Noida On Radio Noida 107.4

A special jingle was released containing information about the 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011 prepared by the Radio Station to popularize the festival. “There is only one religion which you will find common in all the 191 countries of the World and that is CINEMA” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios while releasing the Music CD of GFFN.
“We want to bring in unity into mankind through Cinema. This emotional screen drama is the only medium which can bring people of all cast, creed, religion, society into one place and make them forget about their own personal profile” added Marwah.
The jingle is being played at Radio Noida 107.4FM covering areas like Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi and Faridabad. Radio Noida is also the media partners with 4th Global Film Festival. More programs are also under consideration.

Children’s Film Section At 4th Global Film festival Noida

Children films have been specially curated by an illustrated board of International Children’s Film Forum in association with Children’s Film Society Of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India for the forthcoming 4th Global Film Festival, Noida starting from 25th November at Marwah Studios complex in Film City.
Inspired by the overwhelming response of the audience in the last Global festival which was exclusively dedicated to children films, this year also an attractive selection has been made by CFSI and ICFF informed Sandeep Marwah President of Global Film Festival Noida 2011 (GFFN)
The films include Lukka Chuppi by Vinod Ganatra, Yeh Hai Chakkad Bakkad Bambe Bo by Sridhar Rangayan, Chhota Sipahi by Jayashree Kand, Chutkan ki Mahabharat by Sankalp Meshram, Gilli Gilli Atta by Pankaj Parashar, Lagi Shirt by Raghubir, Nandu ka Raja by Shaleen Sehgal, Radio Comes to Rampur by Asha Dutta and Uranchchoo.
More than 100 schools from Noida in particular and NCR in general have been invited in groups in different time slots to witness the festival. Special activities have been planned to engage the young guests when they visit the festival. (