International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

Marwah Invited Tara Gandhi On Board of World Peace Foundation

We are inviting all those important people of the country who all have worked for the peace and unity of the country and one very important name is Tara Gandhi Bhatacharya” said Sandeep Marwah President of World Peace Development And Research Foundation here in Delhi.
Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, the daughter of Devdas Gandhi & Grand Daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. She is the Vice Chairperson of Gandhi Samiti Darshan Samiti & Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust. Tara Gandhi has been involved in number of Ghadian exercises and organizations World wide. “I believe your work speaks for you, in spite of long lectures if you contribute to little social work, that will always be considered a productive effort of yours” said Tara Gandhi.

Basu Chatterrjee Honored With Life Time Achievement Award at Global Film festival

Global Film Festival Noida 2012 is honored in handing over this prestigious Life Time Achievement Award to Hon’able Shri Basu Chatterjee a vetran film maker of this country who has been responsible in bringing tremendous change of brining in value & family based cinema to this country” read citiation by RKSingh.
Sandeep Marwah President of te festival handed over the most esteemed Award to respected Basu Chatterjee and huge gathering at the festival gave him a standing ovation for his more than fifty glorious years to Indian Film Industry .
I am totally touched with the gesture extended to me by the Global Film Festival Noida which itself has grown a huge festival in this part of the World. This is my biggest achievent if you all recognizing my efforts to the field of Cinema” sais Basu Chatterjee.


To promote the young talent ‘Beauty and Mind’ in Uttar Pradesh a well planned program has been launched by the group of people under the name and banner of Florence Miss UP 2012 today from Noida.
“We have announced three scholarships to the first best three girls of the competition who can enroll themselves in the acting courses at Asian Academy Of Film And Television” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios who is also associated with the competition.
Florence Miss UP 2012 will select girls from 11 districts of UP and also the finals will take place at Agra. The whole competition also propagating side by side the issue of ‘Save Girl Child’
The competition at Noida will take place on 27th November 2012 at Marwah studios, film city for which there is no charge. “These competitions bring awareness about the issues very fast and also help students to showcase their talent” added Dr.Anchal Bhatt Event Director.
Others who were present there included Dr. Shobha Dean ASMS, Campaign President J.D.Sharma, Organizing President Ajay Sharma and Brijesh Sharma was representing Citizen’s Forum.

Sandeep Marwah of WPDRF Invited Minister Tariq Anwar

The international conference on cooperative movement has been planned by the World Peace Development And Research Foundation for 5th and 6th of December to be attended by some of the most important people of the country at New Delhi informed Sandeep Marwah President of the foundation to Hon’ able Minister of State Tariq Anwar Ministry of Agriculture and Food Processing, Government of India.
This is a year of Cooperative and United Nation, International Cooperative Alliance and National Cooperative Union of India, Government of India are the partners of the conference Marwah briefed the minister. Tariq Anwar congratulated Marwah and his team for taking initiative.

100 films on Disability Screened At 5th Global Film Festival

“All public programs designed by Marwah Studios leads to social issues” Sandeep Marwah introduced WECARE films to the audience of Global Film Festival.
“The country will always remember the contribution of Sandeep Marwah in building film and television business in North part of India. His contribution is par excellence” said Vinod Lamba President of Film Federation Of India while releasing the poster of WECARE films on disability.
“I have never come across a dynamic and social person like Sandeep Marwah. his every step is for Nation Building” added Dr. Dinesh Executive Secretary, NCUI, Government of India.
“Global Film Festival has done its job of transferring the message to people” said the director of WECARE Satish Kapoor who was also present there.

Nitin Saxena Book Released At 5th Global Film Festival Noida

Asian School Of Communication had double celebration when head of Journalism veteran journalist Nitin Saxens’s Book on Journalism “Class Room To News Room” got the opportunity to get released at the international platform of 5th Global Film Festival Noida 2012.
“I have shared my life time experience in this book, I am sure people will take best advantage of this” said Nitin Saxena. “it is beyond expectation that GFFN has expanded its activities to all the segments of media” said Dr Dinesh Executive Secretary NCUI congratulating Nitin Saxena “ I appreciate the size to which this festival has grown in no time” said Vinod Lamba President Film Federation of India. Sandeep Marwah thanked every one for their blessings.

Large Number of Students Participated In 5th GFFN

“After twenty years we have seen this kind of participation by the school and college teams in any film festival in this part of the World” said one of the school representative attending 5th Global Film Festival Noida.
“At this age when you have 575 channels in India and internet is at your command, this kind of massive result is nothing but salute to 100 years of Cinema” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and GFFN.
Large participation by the students and young film lovers made the event more attractive and happening.

Book On Editing Released By David Dhawan At 5th GFFN

“Films are made on editing tables” said Sandeep Marwah introducing a book on Editing released by David Dhawan on the occasion on 5th Global Film Festival Noida.
“I completed my course on editing and slowly and gradually shifted to Direction” said David Dhawan. “All those Students who are opting for direction course, must know editing” added David. Ashok Tyagi also an editor now a popular director participated in conversation.
Present on the occasion were Anugyan Nag, Dr.Shoma Chatterjee, Pankaj Parashar, Malti Sahay who appreciated the efforts of the festival organizers.

100 Years of Cinema Represented by 100 Posters at 5th GFFN

This year 5th Global Film Festival Noida was dedicated to 100 years of Cinema. Not only seminars, workshops even posters were representing the best of 100 years of Indian cinema.
An exhibition of 100 posters representing different years of Indian Cinema was inaugurated by renowned film Director and Editor David Dhawan on the second day of 5th GFFN.
On the occasion film producer Sandeep Kapoor, R.K.Singh and Group Editor of Yug were also present there. Sandeep Marwah expressed his gratitude to the film personalities for their presence.

5th Global Film Festival Promotes Mahatma Gandhi Forum

Mahatma Gandhi Forum of Asian Society of Film And Television has been doing all those works to support the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi in India and abroad.
“To send across the message of peace and love we decided to include the poster launching of Mahatma Gandhi Forum in 5th Global Film Festival Noida” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.
Present on the occasion David Dhawan offered his services to the forum. Sandeep Kapoor, R.K.Singh, French Director Capurcine and Group Editor of Yug were also there at the launching. The film audience appreciated the gesture of the festival Director.