International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

AAFT is the biggest film body of Film Federation of India

New Delhi: We had the honor   and privilege to design and start the fourth film city of India but first in North- Noida Film City way back in 1988. It has already been declared as the fastest growing film city of the World with 16 studios, 350 channels being broadcast to 162 countries 24×7, 17000 media professionals working here in 3 sifts of 8 hours each. The cascading effect is that around 150,000 people earn their bread directly and indirectly from this city,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah founder of Noida Film City & President of Marwah Studios while addressing the national executive meet of Film Federation of India-an apex body of Film & TV Business in India.

 Marwah Studios is the first professional film studio of North India and we have churned out 4500 television programs, 5000 training films and been associated with 125 feature films in 9 different languages. My production company has made 3300 short films and given opportunity to 10,000 young film makers to come up in limelight,” added Dr. Marwah.

Our film School Asian Academy of Film and Television now has been rated as the first ten best film schools of the World. We have trained and educated 20,000 media professionals hailing from 145 countries of the World,” expressed Marwah.

Marwah Studios has been hub of film & Television activities. We have touched 7500 events so far including large number of film festivals around the year and been able to attract 3 million people from all over the Globe to Noida Film City under Film Tourism,” emphasized Dr. Marwah.

We are case study in 27 countries of the World and have been nominated by 66 different Governments of the World as their Cultural Ambassador to develop and promote relations through art and culture,” Dr. Marwah thanked the Chair for giving opportunity to speak to the house.

The meeting was Chaired by T.P.Agarwal President of FFI. The body consists of following office bearers including S. Thanu Vice President, C Kalyan Vice President, Nitin N Datar Vice President, N.M. Suresh Vice President, Bajrang Lal Agarwal Vice President, Sakshi Mehra Vice President, S. S. T Subramaniam Vice President, Sushma Shiromanne Vice President, Sabu Cherian Vice President, Meghraj Raje Bhosale Vice President, Ravi Kottarakara Hon. General Secretary, Dharmindra Mehra Hon. General Secretary, Sangram Shirke Hon. Treasurer and Supran Sen as Secretary General of FFI.

Association for Asia Pacific Union Conference on World Peace

New Delhi: A powerful round table conference titled ‘World Peace Threatened by Russia Ukraine Conflict and Developments in Asia Pacific Region’ was organized by Association for Asia Pacific Union for the members of the AAPU at WASME premises.

Vice President Dr. K.K. Sharma welcomed all the guest and members and spoke about the organization and its activities. Initiating the subject President J.S. Saluja mentioned the facts and figures of the war between Russia and Ukraine and also revealed the effects it has left on the World economy especially Asia Pacific Region.

“The Keynote speaker defense expert Wg. Cdr. Praful Bakshi stated that World Peace has been threatened by two major global confrontations: the Ukraine Russia conflict and the dangerous and volatile situation developing in the south China Sea, which has further accentuated by the creation of the Quadrilateral Security arrangements between America, Australia, Japan and India now referred as QUAD.”

Ambassador Dr. S.M. Saiful Hoque from Bangladesh shared his vast experience of his foreign service and especially his posting as Ambassador in Russia and Ukraine. He spoke about the international policies of Russia and their military strength.

Ambassador and former Director General ICCR Dr. Suresh K Goel also expressed in his own words with his deep understanding of the subject, the mind set of people of Russia and Ukraine. He discussed the way politicians behave in these kinds of situations and how their foreign relations work.

Patron to the organization and President Marwah Studios Dr. Sandeep Marwah changed the tune of the conference when he spoke about love, peace and unity through art and culture. He emphasized on culture diplomacy and also informed the house as how Asian Unity Alliance and Association of Asia Pacific Union both have joined hands with 66 governments of the World including many nations from Asia Pacific Region and working together to develop and promote relation between people of India and other nations.

The conference was moderated by EC member Prof. Dr Gurbir S Khera and vote of thanks was presented by General Secretary Sanjay Aggarwal. The event was supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry & World Peace Development and Research Foundation.

Celebrated 29th Anniversary of Asian Academy of Film and TV

Noida: I cannot forget the day when we launched the first batch of AAFT with forty students and four short term courses on 22nd July 1993 from the premises of Marwah Studios. It was in real the launching of fourth film school of the country but the first in North and first private film school of the Republic of India. AAFT saw light of the day after the great planning and designing of the academy,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah founder and President of AAFT while addressing the members of AAFT.

“We have learned with time. The whole concept of film making has changed in all these 29 years. If any thing which has not changed is the language of cinema that is Emotions. I am thankful to each one & everyone who all have contributed to the growth of AAFT from a boutique institute to the first Film University of the Nation. I am also thankful to almighty and my parents for their blessings,” added Dr. Marwah.

In all these years we could create nine World Records. We have churned out 20,000 media professionals from 145 countries of the World. AAFT has been rated as the first ten best film schools of the World. We have been bestowed upon 1100 awards including 190 international accolades. The credit goes to the complete team of AAFT,” expressed Dr. Sandeep Marwah now also Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts.

The address was followed by the poster launching ceremony to mark the respect to the 29th anniversary of AAFT by some of the prominent people of the Academy. The event was attended by the management and faculty of AAFT and supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.

Sandeep Marwah Visited S P Jain Global School of Management Dubai

Dubai: Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Academy of Film and Television visited S P Jain School of Global Management International Academic City Dubai on the invitation of Dr. Christopher Abraham CEO of the management School during his visit to UAE recently.

The two heads of the school exchanged their views on the changing pattern of international education & how to convert education more interesting for the students. Dr Marwah briefed Dr. Christopher about thirty years old institution AAFT and the successful alumni scattered all over the World. He also mentioned his interest in opening the centre at Dubai.

Dr Christopher Abraham offered Dr. Marwah to visit again to chair the Master Class and talking about the establishment of Noida Film City way back in 1993 as a case study for business & management students. Dr. Sandeep Marwah was accompanied by Rudra Dasgupta the Resident Commissioner of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry UAE

Mohamed Al Ali on the Board of Asian School of Business

Dubai: “Dubai has become one of the most important business cities of the World. Every time when I visit Dubai, I find some powerful changes right from infrastructure to business techniques. It was decided to have Mohamed Al Ali of Al Ali Holdings on the board of Asian School of Business as advisor to give better and smarter exposure to the young aspirants looking for an opportunity in UAE,” said DR. Sandeep Marwah President of Asian School of Business during his visit to Dubai recently.

“It is my pleasure to be part of the education system of Asian School of Business. Whatever little I can assist and support I will go out of way to do that,” said Mohamed Al Ali during his meeting with Sandeep Marwah at Hotel Hilton Al Habtoor City, Dubai UAE.

Mohamed Al Ali is the Founder and CEO of group of companies & an advisor of one of the International Investment Enterprise of a Private Royal Family of Dubai. An innovative and passionate businessman, leading one of the fastest nation innovative group of companies in the region. His huge experiences in local & international market collaboratively with the most talented experts team investing in field of Real Estate, Hospitality, Finance & Technology.

Al Ali possesses hands-on experience in international relations. Besides working closely with diplomats VIP’s from the Royal Family of Dubai and dignitaries from other countries, he has also been involved in direct trade with many global partners and successfully structured impregnable business relationships with foreign clientele that added to his insight and expertise.

Sandeep Marwah Invited by Brahma Kumaris in UAE

Dubai: It was a pleasant surprise when I was invited by the good office of Brahma Kumaris in Dubai. The network and efforts are worth praising of all the members who have been involved in spreading the good words around the globe. The purpose of the whole exercise is to be good human being and see to it that you don’t hurt any other intentionally,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios during his visit to Brahma Kumaris Centre at Dubai.

“Always Do Your Best, your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret,” added Dr. Marwah.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah paid his respect to the well-known Raja Yoga Centre Dubai and met Jyoti Bhen and other members of the centre. A special prayer was conducted for the World Peace during his visit. He also spoke about World Peace Development and Research Foundation, an association working for World Peace.

Spectacular Performance by Juuhi Babbar at Asian Academy

Noida: Ekjute Theatre Group along with writer & director Juuhi Babbar Sonii comes with the play ” With Love, Aap Ki Saiyaara, to Asian Academy of Film and Television Noida Film City. The play is inspired by a character conceived by Nadira Zaheer Babbar.

‘With Love, Aap ki Saiyaara’ is the story of a passionate, urban and undaunted woman. Through the eyes of a modern Indian woman, Saiyaara dares to dream. She dips into her various emotions, explores her own identity, and emerges. This play explores the episode of a modern woman about her dreams and challenges. Written and performed in form of anecdotes. This play works as a bridge between the present and connects with today’s woman.

“What a play, and what a fabulous performance of the artists especially Juuhi Babbar Sonii, She won the hearts of the audience. I congratulate her and her complete team on the completion of 28 shows of this well-conceived project,” appreciated Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT.

“Theatre to me is the foundation of all aspects pertaining to the crafts of acting & direction. I have grown up with theatre and theatre artists and actors. After 9 years, coming with a new play is an exhilarating decision because theatre is my deepest passion. The play tells us of a modern woman Saiyaara and her various emotions. Her dreams, challenges, and life can be connected to common present urban women.” said Juuhi Babbar Sonii.

Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah honoured Juuhi Babbar Sonii with the life membership International Film and Television Club  of Asian Academy of Film and Television. She was well covered by Radio Noida 107.4Fm and MSTV.

8th Edition of Global Literary Festival Finalized for September 2022

Noida: Words play very important role in every one’s life. What you speak is the representation of what all you have learned so far. Books, education makes you a better person with higher understanding. To add on to the total gamut of education we started Global Literary Festival to bring in best of the brains, literature, culture, art to the students and people of this region,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Academy of Arts while announcing the dates of forthcoming 8th Global Literary Festival Noida 2022.

Talking to the press Dr. Sandeep Marwah also President of Marwah Studios confirmed the dates     from 1st to 3rd September 2022 when large number of events including workshops, seminars, interactions, book releases, Kavi Samelan, Mushayra, Sufi Singing, dance recital, etc. are going to take place in three days.

“We are very lucky that Global Literary Festival has emerged as one of the most happening literary festivals in the country. We have been able to attract people from all over India and abroad during these three days of literary festival during last seven editions,” said Dr. Marwah. The event is supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, AAFT University of Media and Arts, World Peace Development and Research Foundation, International Film and Television Research Centre and Asian Unity Alliance

6th Edition of Sarojni Naidu International Award for Working Women Announced

Noida: The 6th Edition of Dr. Sarojni Naidu International Award for Working Women is announced today by the President of Asian Academy of Arts Dr. Sandeep Marwah during press conference while mentioning the dates of forthcoming 8th Global Festival of Journalism Noida 2022.

Dr. Sarojni Naidu International Award for Working Women was constituted way back in 2015 to honor and appreciate all those Women who have   done commendably well in their respective fields and also supporting the society in different manners.

So far five editions have been successfully completed and around 500 different Women from all parts of India and abroad have been decorated with this award.

Dr. Sarojni Naidu International Award for Working Women is after the name of well-known freedom fighter, poetess and lawyer Dr. Sarojni Naidu. This is one of the most popular and prestigious awards in India for women. The award is supported by large number of social and cultural organizations like International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, AAFT University of Media and Arts, Asian Unity Alliance, World Peace Development and Research Foundation, etc.

The award ceremony will take place in Noida Film City in the month of September. The last date of submission of the application is 20th August, 2022. The jury will decide the awards one week before the presentation day.

Sinnthya Macek on the Board of AAFT School of Health and Wellness

Dubai: “One of the most important and emerging school of AAFT Education Group is AAFT School of Health and Wellness. We have decided to reach to large number of people in India and abroad to teach the best possible about their own health and health of their family through the different courses launched online and offline at campus,” informed Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios during the meeting of Indo UAE Business and Cultural Forum at Hotel Hilton Al Habtoor.

Present on the occasion Sinnthya Macek a well-known consultant on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & health and wellness expert agreed to be on the board of AAFT School of Health and Wellness as an honorary advisor. She also confirmed her support to Indo UAE Business and Cultural Forum under International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.

“I hereby confirm that I would love to be the part of AAFT School of Health and Wellness, World Peace Development & Research Foundation, & Prithvi Yoga Centre. I would also like to be part of other social programs conducted by Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios including the programs on Disability, Save Water, Environment, Education and any other,” said Sinnthya Macek from Slovenia settled in Dubai.

Enterprising and entrepreneurial Sinnthya is an accomplished eco warrior whose work focuses on sustainable development. Armed with a degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Luxury Management from the prestigious International University of Monaco, Sinnthya began her pursuit in Monaco. She is a strong advocate of sustainability and global consciousness. she has dedicated her work mission towards sustainable development. She has made Saving the Environment as her business.