International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

Award of Distinction to Slovak Film -The Cellar

Noida: On the second day of the 15th Global Film Festival Noida, the screening of the movie “The Cellar” from Slovak was organised.  The session began with the address by Festival President Dr Sandeep Marwah, where he enlightened the audience about the Indo-Slovak relation and forum. He also shared how the two countries are building strong bonds through art and culture.

On this occasion, H E Robert Maxian, talked about the movie “The Cellar” and how it is a significant milestone in the evolution of the art, culture and cinema of Slovak. He elaborated how this movie strengthened relations among other countries. Followed by Screening of the film “The Cellar – a strong storyline composition that pierces into the depths of the soul of the audience”.

The story is about the marriage of Milan and Tana Labat is going through crisis. Discontent and vigorous Tana considers her husband, who avoids to resolve problems, a sissy. Their 16-year old daughter Lenka takes their alienation very hard. But one night during summer holidays will change their lives.

The film is produced by Livia Filusova, Co-Produced by Anna Gutovskaya, Cinematography by Martin Ziaran, Directed by Igor Voloshin Written by Marian Puobis & Richard Pupala cast includes Jean Marc Barr, Olga Simonova, John Robinson, Milan Ondrik, Dalibor Stofan,

An Award of Distinction was announced for the Slovak film- The Cellar by the festival President Dr Sandeep Marwah, and handed over to H.E. Robert Maxian, the Ambassador of Slovak, present on the occasion.

The event was presented  by International Film and Television Cub and supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, World Peace Development and Research Foundation, Asian Unity Alliance, Indo Slovakia Film and Cultural Forum, and AAFT University.

Film from Myanmar Appreciated by Audience at 15th Global Film Festival

Noida: On the second day of the 15th Global Film Festival Noida, a film screening of the movie “The Attachment” from Myanmar was organised. The guest panel included Festival President Dr Sandeep Marwah, Renowned Actor Brijendra Kala, Rajan Sehgal Chairman at TAAI- (Travel Agents Association of India)  and the Ambassador of Myanmar to India HE Moe Kyaw Aung.

Addressing the gathering, Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah expressed his happiness regarding the Indo-Myanmar relations and forum and how it’s helping to build good relations between both the countries. He laid stress on the importance of film and cultural tourism and how that industry is flourishing with time. He said that two countries can definitely come together with the help of art and culture.

Rajan Sehgal said that Global Film Festival Noida is a great platform for all the students to be have a wider exposure and learn from the top-notch Industry professionals. Renowned actor Brijendra Kala said that events like these should keep going on even in the future. He also said that age does not and will never matter as long as one has the passion and will to learn and achieve something big. He shared some acting tips with the students of AAFT.

The Ambassador of Myanmar HE Moe Kyaw Aung mentioned about good cultural relations between India and Myanmar. He said that “film is a medium to promote people to people contact and understanding”. He also said that his country is very closely related to the Indian film industry and hence expressed his wish of inviting Indian filmmakers to produce films in Myanmar.

The award of distinction for the film “The Attachment” was presented by Dr. Sandeep Marwah to HE Moe Kyaw Aung alongside presentation of mementos to the esteemed guests. The event was coordinated by  Assistant Professor Ruhi  of AAFT School of Animation  and   Assistant Professor Niharika of AAFT School of PR Events & Advertising. The event was supported by International Film and Television Club, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, Asian Unity Alliance, World Peace Development and Research Foundation and Indo Myanmar Film and Culture Forum.

Film Detonation from Belarus Won the Hearts at 15th Global Film Festival

Noida: On the second day of 15th Global Film Festival, commenced at Marwah Studios, an award winning film “Detonation” from Belarus was screened, later which was given the ‘Award of Distinction’ by Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor AAFT University & President of the festival.

The cast for the movie includes Andrey Senkin and Dariya Karpechenkova. The movie revolved around The Second World War. On the territory of liberated Belarus, a large amount of work on mine clearance of the territories from the remnants of war: unexploded mines and shells left in the ground is carried out. In order to clear the territories, volunteers squads from the members of OSOAVIAKHIM are formed narrated by Ms. Anastasiya Vorakh Counsellor at Embassy of Belarus, who also inaugurated the film event.

 A book titled  “Growth and Mindset” written by  Samaresh Shah of Niti Aayog, was also released, which basically revolves around how to build wealth and one can lean the real meaning of inner growth. The other guests present on the occasion were Film Maker AAFTian Rajinder Saigal , Actor AAFTian Masoom Singh,  known for his role in Back to Dad, and Neha Singh the founder of Freizeit Media OTT Channel.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Akriti SIngh. The event was supported by Indo Belarus Film and Cultural Forum, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, International Film and Television Club, Asian Unity Alliance and World Peace Development and Research Foundation. Film was appreciated by one and all.

Film From Venezuela Steel Clad Honoured with Award of Distinction

Noida:  On the second day of the 15th Global Film Festival Noida, a film from Venezuela “Steel- Clad”, was screened at the festival. During the screening, the Festival President, Dr. Sandeep Marwah said “Art is an essential element to build relations between countries”. He enlightened the audience about the Indo-Venezuela Film and Cultural Forum and relation between the two countries.

“Thirty years back we gave one term to English dictionary that is “Film & Cultural Tourism”, no body could understand that but now every country is talking about it. To honour our own term we have been able to attract three million people so far to Noida Film City under Film and Cultural Tourism,” expressed Dr. Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and founder of Noida Film City.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Alfredo Caldera, talked about Venezuela’s solitary cinema and how the movie, “Steel Clad” is a significant milestone in the evolution of the art, culture and cinema of Venezuela. He also extended his gratitude, to connect with ICMEI and India. Lastly, he explained how these events strengthen relations between the countries and are essential tools to propagate cinema.

 Dr. Sandeep Marwah felicitated  Alfredo Caldera, with the distinction award for the film “Steel Clad” for being one of the most distinguished films of the festival, which was followed by the screening of “Steel Clad”. The event was supported by AAFT University, AUA-Asian Unity Alliance,, ICMEI-International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry and WPDRF-World Peace Development and Research Foundation.

World Class Exhibition of Photography at 15th Global Film Festival

Noida: For me photography is no different than art. I see photography as a tool just like painting, sculpture or other artistic manifestation that serves an artist in order to express himself. Photography is still a very new medium and everything must be tried and dared. Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. It’s the result it counts no matter how it’s achieved.” Spoke Dr. Sandeep Marwah at the inauguration of exhibition of Photographs by AAFT School of Photography at 15th Global Film Festival Noida 2022.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. Never take a picture of anything you are not passionately interested in,” expressed Dr. Amol Kolhe Actor & Member Parliament Lok Sabha while lighting the ceremonial lamp and inaugurating of the exhibition.

Neelam Sharma Model & VJ, Kanchan Bhor Actress, Priya Dhingra Social Media Influencer, Shubh Malhotra Film Stylist, Katianna Ley Actress from Slovenia, Tatiana Bhardwaj Secretary General of Russia House Federation, Jaswinder Gardner Actress, Dr. P K Rajput from Ahmedabad, Surendra Jagtap Film Producer, Dr. Mariann Erdo Cultural Counsellor of Embassy of Hungary were the other guests at the inauguration of exhibition.

The exhibition remained open for three days. Thousands of people appreciated the exhibition which was world class display of art. The event was supported by International Film and Television Club, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, AAFT University, WPDRF, and Asian Unity Alliance.

Seminar on Importance of Social Media in Film Production at 15th GFFN

Noida: Social Media are interactive media technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.  The office of Communications and Marketing manages the main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts etc.,” initiated Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of 15th Global Film Festival Noida 2022, Seminar on the first day of the festival on Social Media and Cinema.

“Big film studios and indie film production companies alike are mastering the tools of social media to tell the stories of their projects, drive the conversations and generate that all important buzz well before their projects are seen by audiences,” added Malena Rojas Medina Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of Cuba.

“Social media marketing is a very useful tool for introducing your venue to new audiences, or further engaging existing ones. It is also particularly useful for targeting audiences for more niche screenings and events,” expressed Rajesh Talang renowned actor from Mumbai.

“Digital media has restructured working models for the music, television, film, and publishing industries. As a result, TV shows and movies have gradually embraced the on-demand mode on every electronic device,” said Dr. P.K. Rajput former Vice President Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

“Social media is important because it allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience — no matter their location. When a business can use social media to connect with its audience, it can use social media to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue,” informed Hemant Nitin Das writer, producer and Cinema Director.

“The Internet simplifies the process of entering films into contests and makes it possible to network with many more people. Most of all, it allows filmmakers to get their work “out there”, getting attention on the web before a movie mogul ever sees it,” said Deepak Kalra renowned Youtuber & Actor.

“Overall, creating a social media profile is a no brainer for any business but can be incredibly useful for filmmakers. Taking time to plan out your strategy, look at trends and trying creative marketing techniques will provide you with a way to engage potential audiences and build movie hype,” said Priya Dhingra Social Media Influencer.

The event was conducted by Ashok Tyagi Director Festival, Dr. Sneha Samandar Associate Director School of Cinema anchored the program and Sushil Bharti proposed vote of thanks. Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented dignities with festival memento. The event was supported by Asian Unity Alliance, ICMEI, AAFT University and WPDRF.

Sandeep Marwah Honoured by South Korean Delegation

Noida: A powerful delegation comprising of some important delegates from South Korea visited International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry at Global Headquarters at Marwah Studios, Noida Film City to develop and promote business relations between India and South Korea.

“We are amazed to see the kind of work Dr. Sandeep Marwah has been executing from this part of the World. I have never heard single man representative of 67 countries of the World. We together would love to honour Dr. Marwah for his untiring contribution towards promoting India and South Korea relations through art and culture,” said Chin-Uk Chong Governor of International Humanity General Union, Seoul, South Korea.

“I have a lot to do with south Korea. Recently we had a dance and cultural program by the students from South Korea. We have regular visitors from this beautiful country. I have already been to South Korea (Seoul & Busan) for two international summits. I am humbled to receive this appreciation from a group of that stature,” expressed Dr. Sandeep Marwah.

Ms. Chaewon KIM President (Cosmetic Company) International K-Beauty Association, Ms. Younghee KO Vice Governor (Skin care specialist) International Humanity General Union,  Yongwoon JEON President (Cosball Cosmetic C.E.O.) International Digital Asset Association, Jinyoun KIM Vice President International K-Beauty Association, Ms. YOM Namsook President Korea-India Culture Exchange Association and Ms. Heabin Song India Collect Director Korea Wave News/ HTV were the part of the delegation.

Dr Marwah presented copy of his biography to all the members of delegation. Later also presented delegates with the membership of Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum of ICMEI. The event was supported by AAFT University, Asian Unity Alliance and Prithvi Yoga Centre. Dr. Gopal Ji of Global Yog Alliance, Acharya Satya Narain of Confederation of World Religion were also present there.

Katianna Ley from Slovenia on Board of AAFT

Noida: We are pleased to announce the induction of Katianna Ley from Slovenia on the board of AAFT. It is always been our practice to have people from abroad as part of our education system so that international exposure of students can be brought to the campus,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Chancellor AAFT University.

I am more than happy to be part of AAFT. It is one of the finest institutions of the World. There is so much to learn from Dr. Sandeep Marwah. My experience of Global Film Festival is extra ordinary. I would love to share my experience with students of AAFT,” expressed Katianna Ley.

Katianna Ley is an actress and TV host, known for her own Tv jewellery show, movie Safe, movie Addiction. She studied sociology, finished music school and after her studies found passion in acting and professional dancing. As a child she was playing piano, but her big wish was to dance and perform on stage. She became salsa dancer, in 2016 she represented Slovenia at World salsa summit competition. Meanwhile she finished acting school Dramska sola Satirikon by well known Russian professor Viktor Ljubutin, where she brushed up her passion in acting. She was also a part of Jewellery TV show, called Galerija nakita for Slovenian channel.

Following up a successful 2016-17 stint on Hungarian television, Katianna shoot in 2019 scenes for Safe, an American short film being shot in Cannesl by American director Sanelle Sibanda, a Cannes alumnus. Safe stars Katianna in the role of Blanka. The action-packed film co-stars Hollywood actors Sabrina Culver and Karl J. Morris.

Workshop by American Film Maker Mukesh Modi at AAFT

Noida: Award-Winning Indian American Filmmaker and Director Mukesh Modi visited Asian Academy of Film and Television and shared his vast experience in film business with the students of Cinema. The event was supported by Indo US Film and Cultural Forum of ICMEI.

Mukesh Modi has been the producer and director of feature films like -The Elevator: Award-Winning Film Starring Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts and Recipient of Three Awards for Best Film, Best Actor (Eric Roberts), and Best Director.

As an industry innovator, Modi decided to be the change by launching a widely successful streaming service—Indie Films World (IFW). “Indie Films World is a one-stop Over the Top (OTT) Platform for the new world of entertainment in streaming movies, web series, live TV, TV shows, podcasts, and more. IFW is dedicated to providing content that is unique, dynamic, and difficult to find elsewhere. Best of all, members can watch on-demand or select an affordable plan,” said Mukesh Modi.

A brain storming session was conducted followed by large number of questions were answered by Mukesh. Dr Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios honoured the guest with the life membership of International Film and Television Club of AAFT.

Efforts of Every Nation will Bring World Peace- Sandeep Marwah

Noida: “Peace remains a goal for introspective individuals around the world. The lifelong search for inner peace challenges us to learn more about ourselves while allowing us to evolve with the seasons. Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding, Efforts of every country will bring World Peace,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of World Peace Development and Research Foundation in a small meet on the visit of His Holiness Guru Dileep from USA.

India has always been the capital of spirituality.  Peace for individual  is necessary   which can be attained through Meditation, controlling your emotions and respect for everything. Let us create a beautiful environment by respecting and loving every one irrespective of their cast, creed, religion, colour, status etc.,” said Acharya Satyendra Narain of Confederation of World Religion.

“We are also contributing to the World Peace through number of workshops, seminars, interactions, symposiums, and trying to bring like-minded people together to spread the word of Peace,” said Avadhuta H.H. Jagat Guru Dileep Maharaj from New York, USA.

Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented Guru Ji with life membership of WPDRF-World Peace Development and Research Foundation of Marwah Studios and highlighted Indo American Film and Cultural Forum of ICMEI. Radio Noida 107.4FM and MSTV also covered the event for broadcasting.