International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

73rd Festival Of Short Digital Films


15jan_s JIHAD
Director: Jaya RajendraCholan

No religion permits violence! The holy word Jihad is grossly misrepresented. Violence in any form has no justification. It boomerangs back…that’s what the film depicts poignantly.

15jan_s HAQEEQAT
Director: Raman Kumar

Life doesn’t always give a second chance to rectify your errors. Wisdom by hind sight will make you live your life in remorse. Hold back before it is too late…That’s the Haqeeqat of life depicted in this film marinated in tears!

15jan_s DUGDH GANGA…a success story!
Director: Rahul Attakil

This is a story of a very effective intervention by ‘CAINE’ of Vedanta group that has elevated the living standard in the core operational area in its command. The documentary is a very interesting real life case study of the farmers of Rajasthan traditionally engaged in rearing cattle that had till now only seen poverty and exploitation.The film portrays the ring side view of their success story.

Director: Nishant Ray
Love is blind or love makes one blind? … A song filmed by Nishant Ray.

Director: Rahul Attakil

All through the academic career students slog through to achieve high grades and add on to their qualifications. However in the job market what sadly matters is the recommendation…This is the story of one such highly qualified fresher amongst the millions who compete to get a jobladen with knowledge and qualifications but no recommendations to realize their dream

15jan_s OASIS
Director: Raman Kumar
Communication revolution has touched the remotest villages of Rajasthan. In sparsely populated Barmerdistricta mobile repairing course helped people like Padma Ram to enhance their earning and improve living standards. Small vocational training in these impoverished villages goes a long way in developing self respect and dignity through a better standard of living.

Director: PriyankaSinha
Physically challenged children are everywhere in world but in developed countries there are special schools for such children. The society is also very sensitive towards their special needs and helps to bring them in the main stream. But here in India it’s not the same story. However in some small pockets few individuals and NGOs are making commendable efforts to lend dignity to such children. They try to sensitize their parents about the special needs of such children. They help uplifting these physically challenged children with innovative methods to make them self-reliant.

Inauguration Of 73rd Festival Of Short Digial Films