International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

74th Festival Of Short Digital Films



Director: Hemant Kumar
Dur:09.33 mins
An irresponsible act can turn the life upside down not only for yourself but for all the near and dear ones. Fatal accidents due to drunken driving are on the rise and fills up the headlines at frequent intervals. Every other day a BMW case is filed in the court. By the time this comes out in the print a few more cases would be added to the statistics. Shouldn’t the society educate these demons behind the wheels? That’s what the film tries to depict.

Just an old friend
Director: Mumtaz Jahan
Dur:10.49 mins
Gunnu returns from abroad after a long time and tries to rediscover her familiar surroundings of childhood which appears strange. Her extreme timid nature puts her in a bizarre situation!

Director: Shrey Shrivastava
Dur:10.20 mins
The conquest of happiness may not be as simple as popping up a few pills. Happiness has to be extracted…that’s what Bertrand Russell says.

Director: Rahul Choudhary
Dur: 10.32 mins

A man who is in his last moment in life tries to identify his enemy who has poisoned him. A suspense thriller with a message against violence tells that any form of coercing results in disaster. Revenge in any form is self destructive.

Director: Shrey Shrivastav
Dur:04.36 mins

Director: Dhirendra Singh
Dur:07.18 mins
Government apathy and cockeyed land procurement policy of compensation uproots the labor and drives him towards destitution. The biggest irony is the man who builds the houses for the rich urban population has no roof over the head for his children. A coarse coconut rope is the life line of safety for his child living by the road side. He ties the child to a pole while he is out for work. Any form of government sop doesn’t reach the poor. Corrupt middlemen make the situation from bad to worse and there is no hope in the eyes of these millions of labors who have been displaced by the rapid unplanned urbanization. There is a poignant question raised at the end of the film. “Will the country be tied to these shackles forever?”