International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

75th Festival Of Short Digital Films



Director: Simran Narula
Dur:07.51 mins
A hardcore criminal inadvertently kills the father of a mentally challenged girl. However her innocence triggers a change in the stone-hearted criminal and he decides to take care of the orphaned girl…

Director: Achal Singh
Dur:04.26 mins
An honest entrepreneur finds impossible to pursue his business without taking the recourses of dishonest path. The corrupt system puts hurdles in every single step. However he decides to fight corruption and finds a few sympathetic lawyers by his side…Will India be ever able to free it from such malignancy which has eroded the very foundation of the country?

Director: Ramprasad.
Dur:07.07 mins
It is an established fact that there are many communicable diseases all around. However would you ever believe that hallucination could also be a communicable disease? That is precisely the slick film tries to depict through wonderful cinematic expressions.

I LOVE MUSIC (Special effect film).
Director: Praveen Pratyush

Director: Parul Gupta
Dur:00.49 mins

Director: Ramprasad
Dur:03.10 mins
A song filmed in praise of Sachin Tendulkar.

Director: Rebecca Chadwick
Dur: 07.13mins
Peer pressure of life may lead to temporary insanity in many. However a little tolerance and understanding from elders may go a long way to help drop the baggage of embarrassment of the past and move forward…

Director: Sana Warsi
Dur: 05.09mins
By the name ‘Dilli Haat’ you expect to see Delhi in its fullest grandeur…However a surprise waits for you when you visit this place…In fact it is a colorful spectrum of the vast Indian society and its culture. That’s precisely the well made documentary tries to depict as it takes you around the diverse Indian culture through the colorful Kaleidoscope. The well made documentary is a visual treat.