International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

78th Festival Of Short Digital Films


Director: Alaba A Idowa
A resolute girl tries to defend her dignity and refuses to trade her chastity for a cherished dream job. Will she get to her goal without compromising in this world infested with sharks?…

Director: Mandeep Singh Gambhir
In a live-in relationship a boy exploits the girl for more than 2 years. The girl tries to make her partner see reasons but fails as he cleverly avoided the issue of marriage. Finally she takes desperate measures which the boy could never imagine in his wildest dreams.

Director: Hemant Kumar
An irresponsible act can turn the life upside down not only for yourself but for all the near and dear ones. Fatal accidents due to drunken driving are on the rise and fills up the headlines at frequent intervals. Every other day a BMW case is filed in the court. By the time this comes out in the print a few more cases would be added to the statistics. Shouldn’t the society educate these demons behind the wheels? That’s what the film tries to depict.

Director: ShubhamBhatnagar
It is a poignant story of a girl who couldn’t bear the trauma of sudden death of her mother and gets mentally affected. Due to the shock her mental age remains that of a child even as she grows up. Her pain is felt by the audience through the beautiful portrayal of the character of a mentally retarded child.

I LOVE MUSIC(Special effect film).
Director: Praveen Pratyush
Dur: 01.35mins

Director: FrodeSchlichting
Dur: 08:30mins
It is a comic situation depicting opposite attracts. Ceaseless effort by Babulal rings a bell in the mind of the gorgeous Shagun who is a complete mismatch for the simpleton boy from the small town…comical formula to win the heart of a girl may not necessarily always be true. However a few good shots can be seen in this short film…