Aims & Objective

Broadly speaking International Film & Television Club Aims at

  • Promotion of good films and television programmes through screenings retrospectives, seminars and symposia.
  • Interaction and development of contacts between film makers and television professionals both nationally & internationally.
  • Circulation and exchange of films and television programmes at national and international level.
  • International exchange of films and television professionals. Advancement of Film and Television productions.
  • Raising of professional standards of film making and television production.
  • Creating awareness about responsive and responsible film and TV production.
  • Continuing review of professional codes and ethics set by the professional and regulatory bodies for film-makers and television training.
  • Emphasising the need for raising the standards of film and television training.
  • Arranging scholarships, awards and organising travel for purpose of research in the field of film and television.
  • Facilitating attachment to film and television production houses for the purpose of research.
  • Conducting short term and long term training courses on media research.
  • Establishing databank and clearing-house of information on film & television training.
  • Organising debates, seminars, symposia and workshop on various subjects relating to film and television.
  • Publishing papers, reports and books relating to research on film & television Launching a journal of Media research.
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