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Dance Recital by Disciples of Guru Meenu Thakur

Noida: The disciples of Guru Meenu Thakur a maestro in Kuchipudi Dance sytle presented an electrifying performance on the third day of 1st Global Fashion And Design Week Noida 2017 in an open stage.

“We are feeling strong to present the Indian style of dancing to the large foreign audience present here on the final day of show. These Indian dances and their total getups have given us ample to learn for the fashion. Many designs and accessories have been an inspiration for fashion designers,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Fashion Week.

“Kuchipudi deals mainly with religious themes and relies on the philosophy of living being’s desire to merge with God. Dance is not just a hobby it’s a way of life’” said Preeti Sharma now a professional Kuchipudi dancer who performed along with Deepika Bisht and Yoka Wo from Taiwan.

Meenu Thakur is an Indian Kuchipudi dance exponent, Guru and choreographer. She runs an institution ‘SURAMYA’ for teaching Kuchipudi to young learners in New Delhi. Meenu Thakur is also the culture columnist for the monthly current affairs magazine YOUNG INDIA.

Later Sandeep Marwah honored Meenu Thakur with life membership of International Film And Television Club of Asian Academy of Film And Television and rest with memento of Global Fashion Week.

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