International Film & Television Club | 12th Global Film Festival 2019

Global Media & Entertainment Summit

70 delegates from 35 countries of the World attended the media and entertainment summit organized by ICMEI at Noida Film City. International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry invited delegates to emphasize on Love, Peace And Unity Through Art And Culture.

Delegates from Haiti, Bhutan, South Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Iraq, Magnolia, Tajikistan,. Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sudan, Timor Leste, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Chile, Cote D’ Lvoire, Egypt, Guatemala, Iraq, Ghana, Namibia, Mauritius, India and United Kingdom expressed their views in the summit.

“International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry is supporting the vision of Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi of Uniting the World. We are promoting our relations with all the countries of the World through art, culture, Cinema, Fashion, tourism and education,” said Sandeep Marwah in his opening speech.

“I am amazed to see the kind of work Sandeep Marwah and his organizations are doing to promote art, culture and world relations that is beyond the thinking of an individual. United Kingdom has always believed in World Unity,” said Prof. Ronan Paterson Head Media Teesside University.

“The M&E Summit has brought 35 countries together at Marwah Studios which will go into the books of History of Noida. ICMEI is working towards the goals of United Nations,” added Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director, Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India.

“This is my first visit to India and I am now proud of Marwahs in India,” said Dr. Marwa Mahdi Hadi Al Salihi from Iraq. I am happy to learn that there is already an Indo Afghanistan Cultural Forum working so well from Noida,” said Pamir Khan Pasoon delegate from Afghanistan. ”We are thankful to AAFT for given large number of filmmakers to Bhutan,” said Ugyen Bidha from Bhutan.

“We are enthusiastic about Indo Egypt Cultural Forum formed by Marwah in India,” said Dr. Entsar Sayed Abdou Sayed of Egypt. The activities at Indo Guatemala Film And Cultural Forum have impressed me,” added Evelyn Azucena delegate from Guatemala.

Sandeep Marwah presented life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation to every delegate along with the memento of Global Media and Entertainment Summit 2017. During the summit Sandeep Marwah has been nominated and awarded by all the delegates as the Global Cultural Minister for his untiring contribution to World Unity.

Ashok Tyagi Secretary General ICMEI, Padmini Parameshwaran India Head of Teesside University also spoke on the occasion. Later Sandeep Marwah honored Prof. Ronan Paterson with the life membership of International Film And Television Club of AAFT and Dr. Rishi Raj Singh with Summit Memento.