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AAFT and Jetro Will Work Together to Built-up Better Relations Between Japan and India

Noida:– In a bid to bolster the cultural and cinematic ties between Japan and India, the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), the Indo Japan Film and Cultural Forum, and the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) have joined forces to embark on a collaborative journey towards fostering deeper relations between the two nations.

A significant step towards this endeavor was marked by the recent visit of Hiroki Watanabe, Director of the Intellectual Property Division at JETRO Japan, and Jenica Kalra, representing JETRO India, to the AAFT campus. During their visit, discussions were held regarding a strategic partnership aimed at promoting Cellphone cinema, a pioneering initiative set to revolutionize the cinematic landscape.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception received, Sandeep Marwah, President of AAFT and ICMEI, reminisced about the pivotal moment when seven AAFT students had the honor of presenting a Memento to the esteemed King of Japan during their visit to Osaka for the Global Student’s Conference. This visit, orchestrated by the Japan Foundation and the Government of Japan, included a memorable tour of the Palace in Tokyo, further solidifying the bonds between the two nations.

The establishment of the Indo Japan Film and Cultural Forum stands as a testament to the shared vision and commitment towards nurturing bilateral relations through the medium of cinema and culture. Its commendable efforts continue to pave the way for greater collaboration and understanding between India and Japan.

As the collaboration between ICMEI, the Indo Japan Film and Cultural Forum, and AAFT gains momentum, it is poised to herald a new era of cultural exchange and creative synergy between Japan and India.

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