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Deepa Chandra Awarded Life Membership of International Women’s Film Forum

Noida:— Deepa Chandra, a distinguished media personality and former Additional Director General of Doordarshan, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, has been honored with a life membership of the International Women’s Film Forum (IWFF) at Marwah Studios during her visit to Noida Film City.

Expressing her admiration for the facilities and initiatives at Marwah Studios and AAFT University, Deepa Chandra remarked, “I am thrilled to see the quality, infrastructure, and various activities here at Noida Film City. Dr. Sandeep Marwah has single-handedly created a revolution in the entertainment industry, with Noida Film City at its epicentre. I must congratulate him for his success.”

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the founder of Marwah Studios, presented the life membership to Deepa Chandra, acknowledging her contributions to the media industry. “We are pleased to invite Deepa Chandra, one of the most capable officers from Doordarshan, to be part of the International Women’s Film Forum. I am sure her advice will take this organization to new heights,” said Dr. Marwah.

Deepa Chandra was accompanied by her husband during the ceremony, further emphasizing the support and recognition she has garnered over her illustrious career.

The International Women’s Film Forum, under the aegis of Marwah Studios, continues to support and empower women in the film and media industry. This new addition of Deepa Chandra as a life member is expected to bring in valuable insights and guidance, propelling the forum to achieve greater milestones.

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