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Exhibition of Furniture by AAFT Students of Interior Design at 8th Global Fashion and Design Week

Noida: The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week 2024 witnessed a remarkable exhibition of furniture designed by students from the AAFT School of Interior Design. This event showcased the exceptional creativity and cultural diversity of the young designers, with each piece inspired by the art and culture of different countries.

The exhibition featured innovative furniture designs from the following talented students and their chosen countries of inspiration:

Adeeb Ahmad – Algeria, Anshay Dwivedi – Brazil, Arunima Sharma – Ethiopia, Arushi – Georgia, Darsh Malhotra – Chile, Devansh Yadav – Bahamas, Disha Prajapati – Gambia, Harshu – Lebanon, Kanchan Baghel – Italy, Mohammad Zubair Ansari – Netherlands, Nirbhay Singh – Romania, Pooja Srivastava – Poland, Rahish – Mauritius, Rudra Agnihotri – Philippines, Shadab Hushain – Kenya, Shubham Bhati – Uganda, Shweta Dwivedi – UAE, Swastika Mishra – Nepal, Swati Kumari – Bhutan, Parth Khanna – Lebanon, Vaishali Chauhan – Zambia, Asgar Ali – India

Held at the prestigious Marwah Studios in Noida, the exhibition was a testament to the creativity and innovation of the students. Each piece of furniture displayed was meticulously crafted, reflecting the deep cultural heritage and artistic sensibilities of the respective countries. The event provided a platform for these budding designers to showcase their work to a global audience, fostering cross-cultural appreciation and collaboration in the field of design.

Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, lauded the efforts of the students, stating, “The exhibition of furniture by AAFT students at the 8th Global Fashion and Design Week is a remarkable display of creativity and cultural understanding. Each design tells a unique story and exemplifies the talent and dedication of our students. It is heartening to see such innovative work that bridges cultural divides and brings the world closer through design.”

The exhibition attracted  Ambassadors and High Commissioners, international delegates, design enthusiasts, and media professionals, all of whom were impressed by the diversity and quality of the designs. The event highlighted the importance of cultural inspiration in design and underscored the role of education in nurturing creative talent.

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